ECBreathe  powered adaptor for respirator mask
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The technology

ECBreathe* is a very affordable powered adaptor for the standard respirator masks.  It uses a micro-fan combined with smart deflector design to suck out the exhaled gas from the chamber, as well as aid in sucking in fresh air through the mask, with no less than 700 litres per hour of fresh air flow.  This is more than the 450 litres of air required  by average adult for doing non-strenuous activities.  As a result the user would feel much more comfortable as he would get adequate oxygen supply with each cool breathe.

The micro-fan is powered by a typical Power bank(mobile phone charging battery pack) that is light and small in size.  It can be worn around the neck of the user with lanyard.  A single charge of the battery pack would keep the fan running for more than 8 hours.  The overall feel of utilising the device is just like another portable gadget similar to the mobile phone.

The powerful fan removes the exhaled gas fast ....

... And aids in sucking in fresh air through the mask - cool clean air supplied for breezy inhalation!

Main features:

Easy mounting of mask onto the ECBreathe

Soft compliant facial mount (made of silicon rubber) conforms to faces of various sizes and shapes and gives comfortable air-tight fit.

Power bank weighs 70g and can be worn with lanyard or put inside pocket

* - patent pending


Effective -ness

Specification of microfan

Rated voltage: 5VDC

Rated current: 0.18A +-0.1A

Input power : 0.9W

Speed : 10000 RPM +- 10%

Max Airflow : 3.2 cubic Meters/min

Max Air pressure : 2.23 mmH20

Acoustic noise (Average): 28.5 dB

Double ball bearing mount