ECBreathe  powered adaptor for respirator mask
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In late June 2013, severe forest fires in the Indonesian peninsula of Sumatra caused a serious haze that covered a large area of South East Asia. The PSI of the region went beyond the 400 range for many days and millions of local people suffered greatly.

The popular use of the N95 masks during the crisis had led to surfacing of problems inherent with use of the passive respiratory aids - the N95 mask was highly uncomfortable to use as it traps most of the exhaled gas with CO2, humidity and heat inside the chamber, and this gas inhibits the sucking-in of fresh air into the chamber and is mostly re-inhaled in subsequent breathe.  The low refresh rate of each breathe deprives the user of sufficient oxygen.  The problem is especially acute among the vulnerable users such as elderly people and young children whose lungs have limited strength in overcoming the resistance of the filter.

Even with the inclusion of a costly “Cool Flow” exhalation valve in the higher-calibre masks, this problem was not really eradicated as the user still needs to exert extra lung pressure to overcome the valve’s opening before the exhaled gas could be expelled out.

The invariant truth is: as long as the mask uses passive filter to function, the user must expend additional energy to overcome the resistence to air flowing through the filter.

Serious haze covered major cities in South East Asia during late June 2013.

Typical disposable N95 mask traps most of the exhaled gas with moisture, heat and CO2 which makes breathing uncomfortable and deprives the fresh intake of filtered air.

Here we come to the rescue...

We are a Singapore-based company that provides smart technological solutions and products. Observing how much the local people had suffered during the haze and in view that none of the current consumer-level respiratory aid can really help, we aim to provide a comfortable, light-weight and very affordable mean of using disposable respirator mask.  The “ECBreathe” (patent-pending)powered mask adaptor is such a solution and we hope the whole world could benefit from this product.